The National Frontier and Rural Telehealth Education Center (NFARtec) promotes the use of telehealth technologies to deliver substance use disorder treatment and recovery support to increase access to services and decrease health disparities. Continuing the work of the former National Frontier and Rural Addiction Technology Transfer Center (NFAR ATTC), NFARtec staff have 24 years of experience developing web-based integrated learning models that use current technologies to provide training, technical assistance, and consultation activities to increase knowledge, build skills, and change practice through the adoption of EBPs and promising practices by clinicians and peer support specialists.

Telehealth News

Telehealth Capacity Assessment Tool

The TCAT is designed to help organizations assess their readiness to adopt telehealth technologies. The initial step in the assessment process is to determine organizational readiness. The [...]

Technology Based Supervision Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to provide substance use disorder (SUD) and other behavioral health professional licensing and certification boards with guidelines and associated rationale for [...]

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